France: 4/52

Coq au vin


A French classic of braised chicken, mushrooms, red wine, and lardons. A dish that S has no idea how to pronounce (“coco veen?”), yet now can consider a favorite.

The Dish

The recipe was adapted from SAVEUR. As usual, E didn’t read the whole recipe before starting prep at 5pm. We skipped the 4 hour marinated chicken part…

One bottle of Cotes du Rhone was enough to make the chicken and 2 diners happy 🙂


The Verdict

As you may expect from a recipe that calls for copious amounts of red wine and butter, this dish was rich and delicious. The chicken came out super juicy with that “fall-off-the-bone” tenderness. In his excitement, S picked up the chicken leg with his bare hands and starting chomping down until E reminded him that this was French food, dammit.

“Bon Appetit” Jan 2016 Cover Photo???
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