Australia: 6/52


Throwing a curveball this week here at Pineapple Sushi HQ. Taking advantage of E’s former life as a baker, we’re trying an Australian dessert – Lamingtons.

The Dish

Sponge cake squares with a layer of chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconuts. Many sources we read compared this dessert to ‘brownies’ for their popularity in Australia and frequent sightings at school fundraisers and bake-offs.

A naked Lamington. Potential NSFW.

Making these is super fun! Once the cake is cooled and cut, the assembly line begins. Generously coat five sides of the sponge cakes with chocolate, and roll them in coconut until you just can’t anymore. That’s it!


The Verdict

The coconut layer is what differentiates these little lammies from other desserts – without them they’d be boring little spongecakes.

S and E were both all about these little Aussie morsels but fundamentally split on the best way to eat them – cold or warm (S was Team Cold, E was Team Warm).

Having grown up with brownies, we’d still pick them over Lamingtons as the go-to fundraiser dessert, but we’re glad that we (or rather, E) has another dessert in the arsenal.



Aussie Tested, Kitty approved!

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