Cuba: 9/52

Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja, spanish for “old clothes” (yummy!), is a traditional dish from Cuba. After marinating in a pot of goodness, we can conclusively say the final result is far from “old clothes”.

The Dish

This version of Ropa Vieja includes olives, capers, and flank steak. E read the recipe ahead of time (*pat on the back*) and allowed the dish to stew for the appropriate 3 hours in broth of tomatoes, spices, wine, beef stock and veggies.

The best part about cooking with wine is drinking the leftovers

The Verdict

As you’d expect from 3 hours of stewing, the flank steak is perfectly moist and tender. We were curious to how the flavor from the olives and capers would interact with the steak, but we were pleasantly surprised! The combination works really well to give this dish a unique twist on other similar Caribbean dishes.

We did wonder if this dish would work with other cuts of beef, as flank steak was surprisingly expensive, but we’re not complaining about the resulting dish this time around.

This meal coincided with the week that President Obama is making his historic visit to Cuba. We hope he has a chance to enjoy this dish!

M hoping to get a piece of some flank steak

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