Nepal: 10/52


Momos are a Nepali dumpling similar to other Asian dumplings (like Japanese gyoza for example), with one big difference – it’s usually served with a tomato based sauce.
S was away catching some sun in Phoenix, so E decided to make this a one-woman Pineapple Sushi event.

The Dish

This version of Momos has chicken, ginger, garlic, greens, ground coriander, tumeric, cumin and cayenne for some kick. The recipe is mostly from the recipe posted from Taste of Nepal blog, but E owes inspirational credit to this Momo makin’ master:

Forming these little suckers into beautiful dumplings is quite the challenge. After 20 or so, E almost got the hang of it. Aftera 12 minute trip to the sauna, the final dish is served with a spicy tomato chutney.

The Verdict

Despite doing none of the work, on his return home S got the full Momo experience, sauce and all.
We really liked the tomato sauce, as it creates new flavor combinations we’ve never really had with other dumplings that are usually served with some sort of soy-based dip.
These dumplings freeze really well, and can be prepared from their frozen state by steaming them in collander over some water in a pot. We’re still enjoying these little momos and will have to try again when E has more dumpling crimping help…ahem!
Ms. M can’t resist a Momo

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