Lebanon: 13/52


E was out of town for work, so S took charge of this week’s dish, with some QA testing from trusty M. S chose to try his hand at Tabbouleh, a relatively simple, super-healthy dish that involves no cooking!

The Dish

Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern vegetarian dish (not specific to Lebanon!) consisting of parsley, mint, bulgur, olive oil, lemon, onion and tomato. The variation that S used was from this recipe, which also included cucumber, and scallions instead of onions. The colors of all the ingredients are super vibrant, and it helped make a dreary April afternoon in NYC feel a bit more like Spring.
The majority of the prep work for this dish is in cutting up all of the vegetables and herbs (and also wondering how a dish could possible have ALL THAT PARSLEY. Seriously). Once the bulgur has had a chance to soak up the moisture from the olive oil and water, it’s as simple as just mixing in the rest of the ingredients and letting it the lemon juice and olive oil work its way through the ingredients.
“Where’s the beef” – M

The Verdict

The recipe says that the dish “will improve if the tabbouleh sits for a few hours”, and we found that it’s true – the longer you wait, the better it tastes. S first tried the dish about an hour after completion, and found it saltier and less lemony than expected or desired. Over the next few days, the flavors intensified, and by the time E returned later in the week, it was a perfectly balanced tabbouleh!


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