Thailand: 14/52

Massaman Curry

The reason we started this blog was to try out hand at dishes like Massaman curry, a recipe with unfamiliar ingredients that we would have been too intimidated to try before this year. The hardest part of this week may have been finding some of the more uncommon ingredients – the recipe itself was actually pretty easy!

The Dish

Turns out we didn’t have the Massaman curry paste, cardamon pods, or tamarind paste that this recipe calls for just lying around in our cupboard (how embarrassing!). So S dropped by the local Whole Foods in search of these ingredients. Unfortunately, they were fresh out of cardamon pods and tamarind paste, so we used ground cardamon and made our own tamarind paste from whole tamarind instead, which was an adventure in itself. S did manage to find some Massaman curry paste, which was great since magroot skin and galangal aren’t easy to come by  (even in Brooklyn).
Don’t be fooled by tamarinds unusual appearance. They are surprisingly sweet and chewy!

The Verdict

The MVP of this dish is the Massaman curry paste, which adds a crazy amount of slightly sweet curry flavor.  The coconut milk also gives it the smooth, creamy texture that you’d expect from Thai curry, and the chicken was juicy and tender. This one is a definite keeper.

Now, what to do with 1lb of leftover tamarind pods… TBD.

No bloggers were harmed in the making of this rice mountain.

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