England: 15/52

English Scones

There is nothing better than a warm baked good with your afternoon coffee. E has made her fair share of scones but had never made an English scone.  There is actually a big difference between “American” style scones and English scones. English scones have less butter and less sugar compared to their American counterparts. Why? So you can slather them silly with gobs of jam and pools of melty butter.

We’ll take it.

The Dish

Simple, light and even better with E’s homemade strawberry jam or butter and honey. We had these hot out of the oven during a much needed grad school study break. Served with coffee and tea (a must).

This recipe was taken from BBC Good Food. It was a quick recipe to whip up (aside from all the metric conversions we had to do).

The Verdict

Most scones that you find in your local coffee shop are dry and dense. British scones are light and fluffy, similar to an American biscuit. They are just sweet enough to enjoy on their own or loaded up with your favorite topping. S preferred spoonfuls of jam, E went for the butter and honey and M…was caught sneaking a taste of a butter left on the table (oops).

Also doubles as a horror movie monster!
These scones passed M’s sniff test


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