Indonesia: 16/52

Nasi Goreng

Google the top dishes around the world and Nasi Goreng is sure to be on that list. It’s a simple fried rice dish that’s a crowdpleaser in Indonesia. While the dish is also made in Singapore and Malaysia, the Indonesian version is popular due to its signature topper — a fried egg!

The Dish

This was surprisingly the most challenging ingredient shopping list we have encountered. S made several ventures to track down the needed shrimp paste for this dish, to no avail. We also had to improvise with our own version of kecap manis, a sweetened soy sauce and added a generous amount of fish sauce to make up for lack of shrimp paste.

Our version was adapted from Rasa Malaysia and Indochine Kitchen and the finished product was served with fresh greens, tomato and cucumber.


The Verdict

Everything is better topped with a fried egg. Period.

We’re not exactly sure what we missed out on with the shrimp paste, but the combination of garlic, shallot, and fish sauce gave it enough savory flavor to leave us satisfied. The contrast of the cold, fresh veggies on the side and the warm rice and egg was perfect – why isn’t all fried rice served like this?!


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