South Korea: 17/52


Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine and is slowly eeking its way into America. It’s seemingly everywhere these days — on tacos, hotdogs and even served at our local Mexican fusion restaurant (why not?). There are 180 different types of kimchi (!), but we only have room in our fridge for one.

This is our first venture into fermentation, so with bright optimism and brave stomachs, here we go…

The Dish

While researching recipes for Kimchi, E stumbled upon the Julia Child’s of Korean cooking. Meet Maangchi. Try not to get distracted by her glittery T-shirts and glamourous makeup, and just get lost in her web series.We used her traditional napa cabbage recipe, which calls for a beautiful medley of veggies.

E found the whole process rather relaxing. We can see why the kimchi making process can be such a huge event! Since we don’t have a kimchi fridge (which apparently is a thing in Korea), we opted for a smaller version of her recipe.

Sometimes E and S forget this is a food blog and not a blog of our cat…
Not enough meat in this to catch M’s eye


The Verdict

The kimchi has a fine sourness (which is totally expected), the cabbage has maintained its crunch, and the spices add the perfect kick. This definitely tastes like kimchi we’ve had at Korean restaurants! S has already consumed one jar and has yet to keel over from food poisoning – in fact, he’s loving it and trying to find more food to put it on. E is patting herself on the back for a job well done.


Kimchi: seductive, with a hint of stank
Saved for a rainy day

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