Uzbekistan: 18/52


In January, E and S rattled off 52 countries as fast as they could for this blog and somehow Uzbekistan came up on that list. So, here we are!

With little reference for what makes up Uzkek cuisine, we decided to try and make their signature dish, Palov. It’s a simple dish with lamb, pilaf, onions and carrots, but it’s the cooking method that really brings the flavor.


The Dish

Palov is traditionally prepared by men in Uzbek households, so S had a crack at this weeks dish. Some versions of Palov include chickpeas, berries or raisins, but we opted for a simpler version from here. The lamb is quickly fried to develop a golden crust and seal in the juices. Topped with carrots, onions and garlic, the ingredients bubble away for about an hour before being topped with basmati rice.

Aside from the occasional mishaps with hot flying oil in our tiny kitchen, cooking was a breeze.

Yes, that is an entire garlic bulb! Uzbek’s ain’t playin’.


The Verdict

The slow roasted garlic added a wonderful punch to this dish – just look at that beauty! The rice absorbed all the meat drippings and stock from the carrots and onions and developed a wonderful flavor. This is one of those dishes that gets better over time. Day 1 and 2 leftovers were memorable.

Yeah, she’s a model.

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