Ireland: 19/52

Yellow Man

Irish candy…not the first thing to come to mind when you think of traditional Irish food, but we wanted to try something other than corned beef and hash. Yellow man is no ordinary toffee hard candy. There’s a secret weapon in this dish which gives this candy a distinct look and texture (keep reading to find out!).

The Dish

Yellow man (also known as Honeycomb candy) is from Northern Ireland. The recipe was pulled from Saveur and came together very quickly. The candy is brought to a hard crack consistency and in the final seconds of cooking a dash of baking soda is added. E was brought back to her 5th grade volcano science project with bubbling candy overflowing in the kitchen.

As the candy cools, the large bubbles that formed during the “Tambora volcano eruption” phase (look it up, nerds), create a unique honeycomb-like texture. Cool! Science!

The candy then has to sit for awhile and cool befo–stop, hammer time.

The Verdict

Our version of the Yellow man includes a dash of sea salt to balance out the sweetness. The honeycomb like texture gives an awesome crunch that almost resembles a butterfinger candybar. We’re looking forward to trying this on ice cream or dipping in chocolate.

E and S are on a strict 1 piece per day diet… size of piece may vary…

So if you think this isn’t Irish enough, nobody said you couldn’t have a Guinness with some candy.

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