Egypt: 20/52


Guys, we’ve been duped into thinking chickpeas were an essential ingredient in Falafel. We’ve seen the light… and that light is a (kinda stinky) smashed green bean. The Egyptian version of this famous fried dish, known locally as Ta’miyya, is made with fava beans and they are oh-so light and delicious.

What could co wrong?

The Dish

Our “version” (see note) of the dish came from an article from the Guardian. Fava beans are soaked and mixed with a fresh mix of herbs and spices before plunging into a deep fry for a crusty exterior.


Note: Six unfortunate Ta’miyya’s were disintegrated and obliterated during the deep frying process. E blames the extra moist beans, S blames M for poor quality control in the kitchen. We never claimed in this blog that we were amazing cooks… for fear of having nothing to eat for dinner, we opted to bake, instead of fry, the rest of the batch.

The Verdict

The little soldiers that did survive E and S’s cooking came out wonderfully! We served ours with a yogurt/herb sauce, hummus, pita and a squeeze of lemon. Without the fry, they were certainly light and almost fluffy in texture and much less dense that the usual chickpea.

We’re saving this recipe for a redo, for when we master the art of deep frying.

Fava Bean Falafel! A glass of nice Chianti optional.

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