Panama: 22/52

Ceviche de Corvina

This recipe has a lot of firsts– first homemade ceviche, first sea bass and first attempts at butchering our own fish. Things got…messy, but we managed to pull off some decent fishmongering skills to whip up a VERY limey Panamanian version of ceviche. Just in time for summer!

The Dish

Most Latin American countries have their own version of ceviche. The Panamanian version is traditionally made with a white fish like corvina, or in our case, sea bass. This version marinates the fish for 6-8 hours in fresh lime juice and is mixed with peppers and onions and served with traditional saltine crackers.

M was more than happy to lend her QA services to this fishy dish.


The Verdict

Good thing S had the forethought to taste test this dish 30 minutes after marinating. Most ceviche dishes only need 10-15 minutes to cook the fish, so we decided to try out our masterpiece and savor the complexity of flavors over intervals of marination. We were getting ready to pat ourselves on the back for this one.

Whoa. E may have gone a little overboard with the lime. The limey flavor overpowered the fish a bit. Luckily due to our sub-par fish butchering, we had little ceviche left over. Better luck next time!

Visually delicious but less than sublime

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