Poland: 24/52


Pierogi were a no-brainer for this weeks Polish dish. E lived off frozen Pierogi in college and had to try and make them from scratch. This is our 2nd dumpling recipe (See Nepal Momo’s). I think we are getting the hang of this…

The Dish

We opted for a basic recipe of potato and cheese. The filling was light and simple. S picked up a couple different cheese from work, so our version had a little bit of raw milk Colby (that’s Polish…right?).

These little guys came together quickly thanks to a pierogi sealer E had stashed in our kitchen — When we moved to BK, S was not convinced this was an essential tool for our tiny kitchen…hearts have been swayed otherwise. After sealing, they went for a quick boil and were sautéed in butter to get that classic golden crisp exterior.

E is still learning how to “downsize” recipes for 2. 50+ pierogi in our freezer…

The Verdict

Unlike some pierogi dough recipes, this one excluded eggs, which made for a light and pasta-like texture. The potato and cheese was very mild, so we topped our pierogi with bacon, sour cream and scallions.

These were the perfect snack for our weekend. We’re looking forward to taking the leftovers out of the freezer for a quick bite in the upcoming weeks!

One is never enough

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