Belgium: 25/52


Moules-frites is one of those dishes that if it’s on the menu, we will order it. S and E were lucky enough to live near a Belgian restaurant a year ago and had their fair share of a variety of Moules-frites. As long as there is something to mop up the delicious broth, no one gets hurt…

The Dish

This dish was so simple and easy to cook, E couldn’t believe she didn’t try it sooner! The recipe comes from Saveur (a now frequent source for Pineapple Sushi) and we even made the homemade aioli!

We first had to take a little lesson on how to prep the mussels before cooking — wash the grit, toss the dead guys and rip off their gnarly little beards (mussels have beards!). The recipe we used is chock full of celery, onions, leeks and white wine, for a classic Moules. After about 5 minutes of cooking, dinner is served.


The Verdict

At $6.99 per 2lbs this was a perfect dinner for two. The wine and butter in the broth helped steam all the yummy mussels and vegetables. For tiny little mussels, this was plenty filling.

Plus, can’t go wrong with crispy fries and a lemony aioli.

S – “This is f!@#in delicious”
The post-meal carnage

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