Argentina: 27/52


“Chimichurri.” Is there any food out there that’s more fun to say? Say it again. “Chimichurri”. So good.

Anyway, apparently in Argentina it’s a condiment as popular as ketchup is in America, and after a few bites, it’s obvious why! This marinade/sauce is the perfect fresh and zesty combination to a nice slab of meat.

The Dish

We followed this recipe from GardenBetty. Easily the most time consuming part was de-stemming all that parsley. After that’s done, you simply mix the ingredients and sit back and let the flavors mix and intensify. We served this with some seared New York Strip (Chimichurri was used as the marinade and the topping).


The Verdict

Some blogs suggest letting Chimichurri sit for a few days, but we just couldn’t resist. After a few hours of marinating the steak, we quickly pan seared it and topped it off with some more sauce.

The contrast of flavors, textures, and temperatures between the steak and Chimichurri was perfect (if we may say so ourselves). The marinade and pan sear kept the meat juicy, and the combination of parsley, garlic and red wine vinegar gave a complexity to the dish you don’t usually see with steak. Definitely a keeper, especially given how easy it was to put everything together.

Sizzle baby, Sizzle
Zesty! Served with fries and a salad

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