Jordan: 28/52


Mouttabal! Yeah, we had never heard of it either. In the states, Baba Ghanoush, a similar eggplant based dip, is more well-known and available. But this blog and year is about trying new things, so we gave it a shot!

The Dish

We followed the recipe from this blog post here. We were excited to roast the eggplant on our stovetop, as it’s a technique we often see on cooking shows but have never really tried ourselves. The recipe called for 30 minutes of stovetop roasting, but we split that time between stovetop and oven, as constantly turning the eggplant can get pretty exhausting!

Time to whip out the Tahini from the back of the fridge!


Sous chef M helped retrieve the fresh parsley out of our little herb garden


Grilling on the stovetop. As fun as it looks!

The Verdict

Mouttabal is a dip, so of course we served it with some lightly baked pita bread.

Like Baba Ghanoush, Mouttabal is smoky (thanks to the stovetop roasting) and the primary ingredient is eggplant, but the comparisons pretty much stop there. The tahini and yogurt make it a much creamier, heavier dip than Baba Ghanoush, not unlike hummus, and it seems like a very versatile dish.

Easy to make, simple ingredients, and delicious. We’ll keep this one around!


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