Portugal: 29/52

Bolinhos de Laranja

Translated as “Little Orange Cakes”, these little dudes live up to the name. Moist, zesty and perfect for a weekend snack.

The Dish

The recipe comes from the blog My Portuguese Kitchen. It’s a simple cake recipe with the usual cupcake culprits– butter, eggs, flour, vanilla. Fresh squeezed OJ (thanks S!) and fresh zest (thanks M!) make this a scrumptious little cake.

This batch made for 24 little cakes. Pineapple Sushi doesn’t downsize dessert recipes.


The Verdict

These came fresh out of the oven perfectly soft and moist. The orange flavor is actually more subtle than we expected (given the 1/2 cup of OJ), but in a good way. They’re a great bite-sized treat, and we’ve been snacking on these all week!

Bolinhos de Laranja dusted with sugar… mmmm


An M sized helping

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