China: 31/52

Mapo Tofu

This is one of the rare PineappleSushi posts where both E and S have both previously had and love the dish we made. Mapo Tofu is not that well known in the states, but any Chinese restaurant has it. It’s a dish that makes you fall in love with tofu… really. This was a fun and easy meal to make – so much so in fact that we made it again a few days after the first!

The Dish

NYC has one of the world’s biggest Chinatowns, so S headed there one afternoon on an epic quest for Black Bean Sauce, Chili Bean Sauce (Doubanjiang), and Szechuan peppercorns. After 30 minutes of wandering and confusion around a Chinese grocery store, a nice store employee helped S out and lead him to the bounty.

The recipe is pulled from PBS (the authority on Chinese cooking?). It’s a simple recipe of silken tofu, beef (usually pork, but we opted for beef), scallions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, black bean sauce, doubanjiang and szechuan peppercorns.

Everything but da beef

The Verdict

Absolutely delicious! The Mapo Tofu that we made tastes just like those we’ve had at Chinese restaurants in the states. The Szechuan peppercorn adds a uniquely spicy, almost numbing sensation that’s strangely satisfying and fun to eat. We had ours served with a side of rice and topped with some extra doubanjiang — move over siracha, we have a new favorite hot sauce in our fridge.


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