New Zealand: 33/52

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington has been on E’s list of cooking goals (dreams?) for quite some time. Beef with mushrooms, wrapped in puff pastry. Let’s be honest, many of E’s dreams include puff pastry. Beef Wellington hails from Wellington, New Zealand, obviously. Wellingtons are a staple of the Kiwi diet and often served with a hefty helping of Marmite.*

*Disclaimer: Like the KFC chicken recipe, the origin of Beef Wellington is strongly debated in the culinary world. We’d like to believe it is actually from New Zealand and not named after an English Duke. Plus, E couldn’t muscle the courage to make a dish with Marmite, so this was the better alternative… Sorry NZ.

The Dish

The recipe did in fact come from a NZ source! We opted for beef over the lamb version. E brined the beef before wrapping in sautéed mushrooms and puff pastry.

Call it a glorified hot pocket if you want, but it’s darn tasty


The Verdict

The Wellingtons were a success! The beef remained moist and (mostly) medium rare. The mushrooms had a hint of dijon which added a nice zestyness to the dish. We served these with some oven-baked swiss chard topped with breadcrumbs and Swiss cheese for a balanced meal that any cardiologist would be sure to approve! (okay, maybe not).

M is mesmerized by that golden flaky Wellington


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