Venezuela: 35/52

Salsa Carioca

E was out of town for work, so S rolled up his sleeves and gave this relatively simple Venezuelan salad a shot. The hot sauce dressing gives this salad a nice kick, and you really can’t go wrong when avocado and tomato are chilling together in the same dish.

The Dish

We pulled this recipe from Varada’s Kitchen. It’s as simple as cutting up all the vegetables, mixing together a dressing of hot sauce, vinegar, and olive oil, and tossing them all together.


 The Verdict

This is a great recipe to have in the back pocket. It’s more filling than a regular salad of leafy greens but just as easy to make – aside from hard boiling the egg, the entire process probably took less than 10 minutes. One note: go a little light on the onion (lighter than what the recipe calls for) – your loved ones will thank you.


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