Italy: 36/52

Tagliatelle Pasta

E has wanted to make her own homemade pasta for years. S didn’t know that homemade pasta was even a thing. When Italy came up on our list of countries, pasta was the obvious choice. This was easily one of the most fun (and physical) recipes we’ve tried so far!

The Dish

We have learned that pasta is more about technique rather than the recipe (it’s just flour and egg). We grabbed the “recipe” from the Italyum blog which has great pictures to guide us through the floury mess.

Somehow this becomes pasta
The beginning of the science experiment
How Tony Soprano got those abs of steel
No fingers were lost in the making of this pasta
The Aftermath

The Verdict

You’re going to need (KNEAD?!) a lot of space and a good amount of time for this recipe. Kneading the dough and then rolling it out were fairly laborious processes – by the end S and E were both pooped!

With that said, the entire process is a lot of fun. It almost feels like some sort of arts and crafts project until you realize at the end that you can eat what you’ve created.

We didn’t want to mask the flavor of the pasta with any strong sauces, so we opted for a simple pasta dish with tomatoes, basil, and parmesan cheese. Delicious!!


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