Mexico: 37/52

Sopa de Habas and Shrimp Tacos

This week we tackled 2 dishes for Pineapple Sushi. For our first dish, we made Sopa de Habas, a traditional fava bean based soup that is spiced with traditional Mexican flavors like onions, tomatoes, and cumin. For our second dish, we opted for shrimp tacos because well… we can’t do Mexico week without tacos.

The Dish(es)

The Sopa de Habas dish comes from Saveur (now a PS favorite). Onions, tomatoes and garlic (called a recado) are blended and fried, before being mixed with the stewing fava beans. Cumin and saffron are then added to bring that distinct flavor and rich orange color.

For our tacos, the shrimp were quickly sauteed with butter and splashed (…bathed) in tequila and lime juice. Once cooked, they were sprinkled (…dredged) in dried chili peppers. Flour tortillas were lightly grilled (…singed along with E’s eyebrows) and served with fresh avocado and cilantro.

No really, this is all the ingredients
Tequila tacos!!

The Verdict(s)

These dishes were colorful and packed a flavor punch. The fava beans broke down while cooking to create a rich/creamy soup. The tacos were the perfect accompaniment to the soup. The shrimp had the right amount of spicy and were succulent, thanks to the tequila!



“I smell shrimpz” – M

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