Costa Rica: 39/52

Patacones (Deep Fried Plantains)

Living in Brooklyn, we regularly see bunches of plantains at the grocery store, but have never really thought to purchase them – until now! For Costa Rica week tried our hand at patacones, which are twice fried plantains. Soft on the inside and a little crispy on the outside, they’re the perfect (healthy-ish?) snack!

The Dish

The recipe comes courtesy of Cooking with a Broad. It’s a very simple recipe that can be summed up by a few steps.

  1. Cut plantains into 1/4 inch thick pieces
  2. Fry until light brown
  3. SMASH
  4. Fry again

We served the patacones with pico de gallo to add some color to the dish (we followed this simple recipe from All Recipes)


Did we mention that it was a dollar for 4 plantains? +1 for capitalism
Pre-smash plantains have no idea what they’re in for

The Verdict

We’d venture to say that ANYTHING deep fried twice turns out delicious, and plantains are no exception. The outer edges of the patacones are crispy while the thicker inside parts have a consistency similar to yams or potatoes.

We served them with pico de gallo initially but actually found sour cream to be a better complement. Either way you prefer them, eat them quickly as they tend to get soggy over time. The day after we made these, we heating the leftovers up in a frying pan, and they were back to their crispy delicious selves.

Post-smash plantains know how delicious they are


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