Switzerland: 40/52


E is on a business trip this week, so S decided to try his hand at baking. As E is the former professional baker of the household, S was a little nervous baking for the first time without her help, but the recipe for Spitzbuben (Swiss butter cookies with jam) seemed simple enough to give it a shot!

The Dish

The recipe comes courtesy of Platter Talk. As a first time baker, S was a little surprised by the amount of butter and sugar that goes into a cookie but had no problem ignoring that fact after they came out of the oven.


The Verdict

Let’s just say, it’s going to be a struggle for S to save some for E until she gets back. A cookie sandwich of sorts, these Spitzbuben are the perfect dessert to have with some hot tea or coffee on a cold fall/winter day. We may have to whip these up again around Christmas time to really get into the holiday spirit.

M creepin on the Spitzbuben
“I made this!!!!!! Holy ****!” – S

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