Malaysia: 45/52


Thanks to some talented college friends, E was lucky enough to have tried homemade Laksa before. While “dorm room Laksa” brings back great memories, this version may be a little different. Laksa is a noodle/soup dish found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. There are many varieties of Laksa (curry, chicken, tamarind base) but most have a distinct rich fish broth. Our version is made with a shrimp broth and spiced up with jalapenos.
The Dish

Our version of Laksa is from Food and Wine. First, a homemade fish stock is prepared with shrimp shells, carrots, and onions. Then, the laksa “paste” is prepared — jalapenos, garlic, onion, ginger, coriander, turmeric, and peanuts (NOTE: PineappleSushi substitution for macadamia nuts, because we ain’t made of money) are blended together and sauteed to form the base of the dish.

The dish is topped off with some coconut milk, shrimp, and noodles. We opted to add in some baked tofu for some extra texture.


Bring on the shrimp!


The Verdict

Let’s just say, the pot of simmering shrimp stock had M bouncing off the walls for a couple hours. The homemade stock is worth the effort, and the result is a rich, spicy, and flavorful soup. A squeeze of lime really brought out all the flavors and had us slurping for seconds…and thirds.

M on the hunt. Shrimp Edition.

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