Austria: 50/52


Austrian Vanillekipferl are small vanilla crescent cookies usually served during the holidays and were a great compliment to our Hungarian cookies. These light buttery cookies are perfect for morning, afternoon, mid-afternoon, and evening coffee breaks…

The Dish

The recipe is pulled from the Austrian official travel guide. Once the dough is mixed, it is rolled, cut, and molded into tiny crescents. After baking, the cookies are dusted in a sugar and vanilla mixture.


We are starting to think our sugar and butter intake is at an all time high…


Lil’ Vanillekipferl assembly

The Verdict

Our version swapped out the almonds for hazelnuts and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Besides being fun to say, these bite-sized Vanillekipferl have the perfect amount of hazelnut and the vanilla sugar dusted on top was a nice compliment to the cookie.

Best of all, they are small and light, so E didn’t feel guilty grabbing 2…or 6 in one sitting. 🙂


More please!

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