Hungary: 49/52

Apricot Kolaches


We couldn’t say no to making cookies for this weeks’ Pineapple Sushi. In fact, we opted for two (see our Austria post). Apricot Kolaches are a traditional Christmas cookie with a flaky butter/cream cheese dough wrapped around an apricot jam.

Oh, and let’s sprinkle these with extra sugar for good measure.

The Dish

The recipe is simple and comes from American Heritage Cooking . Since we had about 3-4 holiday desserts for the house, we opted to halve the recipe. The dough is a mix of butter, cream cheese, sugar, and flour. For the filling, we used dried apricots and cooked with sugar.

E made the filling, but S took charge of dough and assembly (of course with M’s guidance).


Equal parts cream cheese and butter… resolutions are for 2017!
Whippin’ up some homemade apricot jam


The Verdict

S is officially the master of all jam filled butter cookies (Spitzbuben anyone?). The jam was a perfect compliment to the buttery cookie. The butter we used had a touch of salt, so the results were a bit salty for our liking, but that didn’t stop us from gobbling handfuls with our afternoon coffee.



Take a look at these beauts.
Extra QA tester Ms. L ensures enough crumbs make it to the floor




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