Pakistan: 42/52


It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and E was craving something crunchy, savory, sweet, and spicy (don’t we all know the feeling) and samosas fit the bill! Samosas are by no means unique to Pakistan (also popular in India and other countries) but are a popular street food item that has become very popular in America.

Time to break out the spice cabinet and redeem our frying skills! Huzzah!

The Dish

The recipe is pulled from a NYTimes article. It’s a straightforward recipe with potatoes, carrot, onion, ginger, cilantro, and a mixture of traditional spices. Cumin runs throughout the dish and is incorporated into the dough and the filling, giving the snack great flavor. The dough is rolled out, stuffed, dipped in a pot of hot oil and are done within minutes.

Every fried item needs a dip… so E whipped up a quick mango “chutney” (no recipe… just guts and gall) with mango, chilis, and a myriad of spices that seemed appropriate (more cumin!).


Pineapple Sushi’s 13,845 dish that uses cilantro…


Stuffing the morsels with yummy potato filling

The Verdict

This is probably one of those times where E didn’t need to cut the recipe in half… These little suckers were gobbled up in no time. S, E, and M had a battle royale for the last little morsel.  It’s a surprisingly easy dish to put together and perfect for a quick snack or lunch. This will have to be a keeper.

M plays the “cute” card in an attempt at snatching a samosa


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