Morocco: 8/52


Harira is a traditional soup of Morocco that is usually eaten to break the fast of Ramadan. E couldn’t find 2 recipes that were the same. Some were hearty and some more as an appetizer. The only commonality of all the recipes — chickpeas in a tomato broth with traditional northern African spices. Time to stock up the spice pantry!

The Dish

Our version of the dish includes lamb, rice and a smorgasbord of spices (cumin, tumeric, paprika, ginger, cinnamon) . E pulled the recipe from the food blog Port and Fin.



The Verdict

E discovered that the trick to a soup with rice… is to not add to much rice (oops). The dish turned into a sort of rice-y porridge rather than “soup” but the flavors were spot on!  Lamb was tender, spices were popping and chickpeas were singing. Topped off with a small dollop of yogurt and squeeze of lemon 🙂


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