Sri Lanka: 23/52

Fish Curry

Add coconut milk to any dish and E is all over it. Next to butter, coconut milk is probably one of E’s favorite ingredients. This fish curry has a spicy, light coconut base and comes topped with tomatoes and fresh herbs. Perfect for these summer nights!

The Dish

Our recipe was taken from The Curry Guy (setting expectations a little high, huh?). Since pavow isn’t a common fish in our local Brooklyn market, we opted for Cod, but we think any firm white fish would do. Curry leaves are also surprisingly difficult to find, but a little extra lime zest mimicked some of that flavor. The dish starts with sautéed cinnamon sticks, cloves, tumeric and cardamom. Onions, tomatoes, lime round out the dish before being topped off with coconut milk.

Served with a side of basmati rice. Dig in!

So many flavors!

The Verdict

S is already ranking this in top 5 for Pineapple Sushi. The curry was very flavorful and had the perfect amount of spice. The fish was a nice alternative to the usual chicken that we have with curry. Saving this one for the recipe books!

Moar sauce plz


“Hold me back, bro” – M


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